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TNT Delivery and Logistics Services is a national logistics company with the infrastructure to provide a business to business service.

A strong commitment to service excellence and continual innovation are the cornerstones of TNT Delivery and Logistics Services reputation. This is delivered by combining the expertise of our people and an ongoing investment in technology that gives you real time updates, information and alerts for all of your deliveries.

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Peace of Mind

We know that choosing the right logistics partner for your business can be a difficult and lengthy process. You may be concerned about the loss of control over your delivery capability - something integral to the service commitment to your customers.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is our ongoing investment in technology and information systems that gives you access to a wealth of tools that mean you still have control over the service you deliver into your customers.

In short, peace of mind without the phone calls and emails - as if you were running your own delivery fleet.


Our History

Established in 2013 by TNT Delivery and Logistics Services grew by combining the logistics organisations from five established merchant businesses with over 5 years experience in providing national deliveries on time every time.

The combination of this logistical expertise presented a unique opportunity to develop an integrated and sustainable logistics structure.

Add in our strong environmental performance and you have the perfect combination.


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